The ‘ImpfenHilft’ Tour by the GermanDream initiative goes on!

Fifteen stops planned from September to November

The ‘ImpfenHilft’ (Vaccination Helps) Tour, in cooperation with the Federal Government, enters the third round. In addition to the Tour’s 19 stops in 13 different cities from March to July (Link zum Rückblick), we now have 15 more stops ahead. After all, fighting the pandemic will remain a challenge in the coming autumn months. People continue to get infected with the highly contagious Omicron variant on a daily basis.

This is why this autumn we will also resume the national ‘ImpfenHilft’ Tour: We treat people as equals, provide information on coronavirus vaccination in multiple languages and facilitate low-threshold vaccination opportunities directly on-site. The GermanDream team is supported at their different stops by multilingual value emissaries (Wertebotschafter), religious, civil society and cultural associations, organisations and opinion makers from the region, who know their urban communities and are well-connected within, as well as by local vaccination teams.

A key target group in the Tour’s next instalment from September to November will once more be refugees, which is why in some of the cities our bus will drive directly to local refugee accommodation centres. Another focus will be stops near football stadiums before German Bundesliga matches.

Upcoming ‘ImpfenHilft’ Tour stops

Stop by, ask us any questions and get vaccinated directly on-site without the need for an appointment*:

  • Sinsheim (18. September 2022)
  • Pforzheim (19. September 2022)
  • Albstadt (20. September 2022)
  • Stuttgart (21. & 22. September)
  • Darmstadt (28. September 2022)
  • Wetzlar (29. September 2022)
  • Offenbach  (30. September 2022)
  • Frankfurt am Main (1. Oktober 2022)
  • Mainz
  • Ludwigshafen
  • Trier
  • Völklingen
  • Saarbrücken
  • Lebach (28. Oktober)
  • Kassel

*Subject to change

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Our special thanks go to our great value emissaries for their commitment: Without you, our ‘ImpfenHilft’ Tour would not be possible!

We would also like to thank all our supporters and our project partner, the Federal Ministry of Health, as well as all the cities and communities supporting our Tour.


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